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Supports:  Paper Surveys, Phone Interviews, Web, Kiosk and Mobile Surveys




Download the fully functional SHAREWARE VERSION

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Installation instructions:


1.     Download the Setup to your Desktop, do not run it, just press save as…

2.     Once downloaded, right click on the setup file and select “Run as Administrator”.

3.     Once installed do not execute it, just go to the desktop and right click on the icon “Rotator Modeler” and select “Run as Administrator”.


(Rotator runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8)




Are you using the Web to Enter data from a Paper Survey?




Although the Internet has become a popular way to publish questionnaires, market research firms at a global scale are using face-to-face paper interviews and phone interviews.



Are you using Excel to process a Telephone Survey?


Microsoft Excel was not created with that purpose, to be really productive you need specialized software




ROTATORSURVEY: Easy, Fast, Reliable, Secure, Affordable



RotatorSurvey is a Windows software app that allows to build questionnaires for any media (Web, Paper, Mobile devices, Phone interviews) ensuring a high quality of the data and high reliability of the entire survey process. 

It allows analyzing results through a friendly and intuitive software tool called "RotatorSurveys OLAP Analyzer”. 

Rotator far surpasses any data processing and analysis software you've ever seen!




Very easy and intuitive interfaces
Covers all typical activities and steps of a Typical Survey Research Study
Data processing and Data Entry can be performed in a Multi-user Environment

Very accurate and Extensive in the control of human errors

Fully integrated to Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Tested and certified by Market Research firms and partners located worldwide

"RotatorSurveys" offers:

Ability to create questions of all types
Easy classification of open questions
Comprehensive control of human errors
Friendly Data Entry for Paper Surveys and Phone Interviews
Powerful OLAP Analyzer software to do the reports and charts you want

Cross tabulation of

Advanced Features

Statistical significance test
Sample weighting at up to 5 Levels
Extensive management of data inconsistencies

Rotator Survey Modules:


Rotator Survey Modeler

Rotator Classifier (Closing of open questions) 
Rotator Data Entry. (Manual data input) 
Rotator Telephone Interviewer

Rotator OLAP Analyzer


Fast and easy Cross tabulation


A Cross tabulation (Crosstab or Cross Tab) is a comparative analysis that display survey data in a two-dimensional grid. Rotator crosstabulation reports allows you to compare each questions against each other.  The data is displayed in a large table that is familiar to market researchers. By analyzing your survey data with cross tab report you can find patterns among responses. It is a commonly used market research tool, and can help drill down into multiple questions to find out more about the relation between questions in your surveys. A common use of the cross-tab is to compare specific demographics data (such as age, sex, city, strata) to other specific information you are looking for (such as favorite candidate, or how voted in the last election). This will help you identify any key differences in the answers based upon gender, age, etc.



Obtaining results: Table, Reports, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs…


The final stage of the survey process is the preparation and presentation of the survey’s results. A report is a presentation of actionable data and recommendations so that the most informed decisions can be made. Regardless of the care taken in the execution of the survey process, the time and effort spent on your research project could be wasted if reports do not communicate the survey findings effectively. The research report is your factual message relying on figures, tables, and graphical displays to clearly communicate findings to your client. While it is important to have some written conclusions, an illustration usually is better than words. In creating a visual representation of your survey results there are a few options to consider, so be sure to choose the format that will best illustrate results: A pie chart is best for showing how a category is divided among different groups and bar chart makes for easy comparisons.



Who we are?


Rotator Software & Consulting is software house, with an upward path in the development of software tools, methods and systems for data processing and analysis, with experience in creating innovative, friendly and accurate tools for surveys research studies.  Rotator was born on 15 September 2003, and has grown steadily since its foundation, specializing in the areas of Market Intelligence, Data Processing and Custom Software. Rotator has small, medium and large clients located worldwide.



Who use Rotator Survey?


Universities, Market Research firms, Government institutions, Newspapers, Massive Transportation companies,

Large and small companies in Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Australia and USA.



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Rotator Surveys Version “Academia Basic” (Limit 500 cases and 6 months of use): US$ 29.99

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RotatorSurveys is a suite of software tools specialized in the design of paper-based questionnaires (PAPI), Data Entry, telephone interviews (CATI), Web surveys (CAWI) and Multidimensional Data analysis, targeted to Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8). "RotatorSurveys" is the more powerful and easy to use survey processing software developed ever for the Windows Desktop.



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Equivalent Software: SPSS, Apian Surveys, SurveyDrafter, SnapSurveys, EpiData, The Survey System, Survey Monkey, etc. (These brands and Copyrights belong to their owners)




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